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The Office of Hawaiian Affairs’ (OHA) Native Hawaiian Data Book is an effort initiated in 1994. The data book was produced as a response to OHA’s fiduciary obligation of compiling “basic demographic data on native Hawaiians and Hawaiians” and identify “the physical, sociological, psychological, and economic needs of native Hawaiians and Hawaiians” [Hawai‘i Revised Statute, Chapter 10, Section 10–6(1)]. Moreover, OHA’s Master Plan at the time called for OHA to “Collect, analyze, maintain, and provide extant and new data on Hawaiians so that in five years, OHA is recognized as a major repository for Hawaiian data. [Goal 4, Objective 4.2, Policy 4.2.c]. The objective of the data book, at the time, was to serve as a resource for information on the Native Hawaiian population to the Native Hawaiian community and general public.

Currently, OHA still maintains its fiduciary obligations, but the data book now is designed to support OHA’s current strategic plan. It is arranged to assist OHA in its commitment to becoming a performance-based organization and measure the organizations ability to influence change.

The data book is a work in continual progress. Currently, hard copy versions of the data book are no longer available. The on-line version will be constantly updated as new and updated data becomes available.


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Native Hawaiian Data Book
2010 US Census
American Community Survey
2007 US Economic Census

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